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Manor House Ranch Kunekunes

KuneKune Pigs are a Grass Raised/Pasture Livestock from New Zealand. They are small, blocky pigs of acceptional personalities. They are perfect for the smaller homestead farm. Easy to handle, feed, and contain, Kune Kunes are a joyful addition to farms throughout the USA.

We live in North Central Texas and our temperatures range from 25 to 35 degrees in the winter, with snow as you can see by the pictures below, to 105 in the Summer. Our pigs are outside 24/7. We bed them down with shavings and staw. I was worried about our heat more then the cold but they do very well. We do provide water/mud holes for them to cool off. They mostly live in the puddle in the Summer.

Kunes are very intelligent. I have had regular larger pigs when I lived in Massachusetts. The larger hogs were hard to keep in yards - they are master escape artists. But the Kunes never test the fencing, come when called, and are content with an average sized yard. They do not root to any great extent. They do like their puddle so they dig around that, but do not do any great damage to their paddock.

Our KuneKunes are all Registered with the American KuneKune Breeders' Association. They are sold with registration papers, extensive pedigrees. They will have health checks and are all microchipped. Parentage will be proven with DNA testing provided by UC Davis' Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.
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